What are the benefits of Carbon 60 on your skin?

What are the benefits of Carbon 60 on your skin?

Fullerene (C60) is an allotrope of carbon (a molecule that is calibrated only by the same element) that has recently been discovered in recent years and has caused a major sensation among chemists, and it is a generic name for polyhedra consisting of 60 carbon atoms. The diameter of fullerene C60 is 0.7 nanometers (nanometer is one billionth of a meter), which is characterised by a soccer ball-like structure. Strong and long lasting, oxidation by various active oxygen, especially strong against active oxygen by ultraviolet rays is a major characteristic of fullerene.

As with vitamin C, fullerene also has antioxidant ability to prevent oxidation by active oxygen. When comparing the antioxidant power of fullerene with vitamin C, the numerical value varies depending on the experimental method, but high antioxidant power as high as 125 times, 172 times, or 250 times or more has been confirmed.

It is known that vitamin C and vitamin E, which are representative antioxidants, are highly reactive to certain active oxygen and free radicals. On the other hand, it is known that fullerene exerts its full effect on representative active oxygen and free radicals.


Carbon 60

The discovery of C60 fullerene was in 1985, but before that the existence of C 60 structure was predicted. In 1985, it was first discovered that it was a soccer ball shaped C60 fullerene composed of 60 carbon atoms. Three chemists who discovered were awarded the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and attracted wide attention around the world.

In addition to the C60 fullerene described above, fullerenes include a "higher fullerene" having more than 60 carbon atoms, a monolayer of graphene (carbonic atom-bonded bee-like carbon atom sheet bonded with carbon atoms) produced by carbon, or "Carbon nanotube" which became multilayered coaxial tubular shape, "Hyper diamond" which is made from fullerene as raw material and has hardness about 3 times of diamond is available.

While fullerenes have properties that they are less soluble in water and organic solvents, they are also paying attention to their abundant chemical reactivity. After chemical reaction, water solubility has increased, and development and research are carried out in various fields using it. Since fullerene as a cosmetic product was also developed after the development of water-soluble fullerene, it was created to obtain excellent efficacy hidden in fullerenes.

What is the effect of fullerenes in beauty

Carbon 60

First of all, it has a very strong antioxidant effect. The ingredient known for its high antioxidant activity is "vitamin C", but fullerene is said to have about 125 times more action than its vitamin C.

It not only promotes aging of the skin but also rusts every cell of the body to invite the aging of the whole body, active oxygen which can be said to be the most troublesome for beauty and health. Removing this active oxygen is a component with antioxidant activity, and it can be said that fullerene is one of the major reasons attracting attention.

In addition, it is drawing attention because collagen generation ability is very excellent. Speaking of collagen, it is indispensable to maintain skin tension and moisture. Regarding the formation of collagen, there is "placenta" as a famous active ingredient, but fullerene is said to have this effect of 800 times. Forever youthful, resilient skin that everyone admires. If collagen production ability essential for such skin becomes so powerful, it is strange that those who are not attracted are more attractive.

It seems that these products are paying attention in the beauty industry mainly due to strong antioxidant action and ability to produce collagen. Even if we say simply the efficacy of only these two, the influence on the beauty derived from it is immeasurable. Anti-aging, whitening, spot / freckle prevention, acne, tension, moisture, UV cut · · ·. It is a component that can be expected to improve all kinds of troubles concerning the skin and solving troubles.

Furthermore, fullerene is also known to be a substance with a very small molecule. Its smallness reaches the nano level, so it is conceivable that it has high penetration as skin care. By reaching the deep part of the skin, it is said that it also works efficiently on hidden spots that are not yet visible on the surface.

Before that it was expensive, so it was something you could only see in beauty specialty stores such as beauty treats. Currently development is advanced and mass production is possible, and it is often compounded also in the skin care products that are on the market. Fullerene is fully effective if it contains 1% of the whole. Conversely speaking, those with a blending ratio of less than 1% may not fully feel the efficacy of fullerene. When looking for skin care products containing fullerenes, you will need to select carefully the mixture ratio.

About oxidation of skin

When exposed to ultraviolet rays on the skin, active oxygen is generated. Doing so will oxidise the skin cells or cause the skin to lose elasticity.

It has also been confirmed that fullerene exerts all-out effects against representative active oxygen (lipid radical, hydrogen peroxide, superoxide radical) by the same method. In this test, comparison with vitamin C derivative, vitamin E, which is another typical antioxidant component, only fullerene exerts high antioxidation under all three oxidising conditions, in particular, the activity generated by ultraviolet rays It has been confirmed that it exhibits high antioxidant power against oxygen.

When skin cells are oxidized , melanin increases and it causes stains. If your skin loses elasticity it will cause wrinkles. If we can suppress the generation of active oxygen, it will lead to stop the advancement of skin aging such as spots and wrinkles. For this active oxygen, the ingredients that have antioxidant power are Floren, Vitamin C, Astaxanthin, Coenzyme Q 10 and so on.

Among them, fullerene is a component with 172 times the antioxidant power of common vitamin C.

Regarding vitamin C derivatives, introduce cosmetics containing vitamin C derivatives of attention to sagging, wrinkles and spots Lotion water and facial instruments used for ion introduction of vitamin C derivatives.

High antioxidant power and characteristics of cosmetic ingredient fullerenes.
Fullerene is an allotrope of carbon as well as diamond. It has a shape like a small soccer ball.

The most characteristic of fullerene as a cosmetic ingredient is antioxidant power. But it was also described in the place of "the oxidation of the skin", fullerenes, of 172 times the typical vitamin C strong anti-oxidizing power have.

Fullerene catches most kinds of active oxygen. And fullerene that catches this active oxygen is discharged together with active oxygen when the horny skin of the skin is reborn with metabolism.

In addition, the antioxidant power of fullerene is longer than other excellent antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin C · astaxanthin, it remains in the skin and has long duration and sustainability .

And fullerenes are said to have little irritation . It is a beautiful ingredient easy to use even with sensitive skin and dry skin.

Relationship between skin oxidation and ageing

It is a natural enemy for your skin as well as oxidative stress like excessive active oxygen · free radical. Especially since skin separates the outside world from the body, it first receives the influence of oxidative stress caused by ultraviolet rays, stress, smoking and air pollution. However, our body has an enzyme that decomposes active oxygen and free radicals and a function to neutralize active oxygen, so unless it is excessive active oxygen / free radical, we are not worried so much. For example, melanin on the skin absorbs ultraviolet energy directly, eliminates active oxygen and free radicals generated, and has the function of protecting the skin. But be careful with excessive active oxygen / free radical! ! If you take a lot of ultraviolet rays, the amount of active oxygen and free radicals will also occur excessively. In order to protect the skin from excessive active oxygen, melanin formation is promoted, melanin pigmentation progresses, and it becomes a spot. For this reason, it is easy for spots to form in areas that are often exposed to ultraviolet rays. Have not you ever felt that some stains are conspicuous after a while since you took a lot of ultraviolet rays at the sea or mountains?

Besides, excessive active oxygen / free radical oxidizes lipids contained in sebum and skin cells, and creates a substance called lipid peroxide. It is known to damage cells, and it is one of the causes of spots, wrinkles, inflammation, conspicuous pores and the like. Due to the oxidation of the cell membrane, if the function of the cell declines, it will cause dullness, skin irritation and sagging. Besides this, it is also known that neutrophils generate excessive active oxygen in order to attack the acne which is a causative bacterium of acne, causing acne worsening.

As we age older, it is one of the causes of our skin aging, as cellular and tissue damage due to oxidative stress such as active oxygen and free radicals and lipid peroxide accumulate.

Cosmetic effect of fullerene

By suppressing active oxygen, fullerene suppresses the occurrence of melanin, which causes spots, and prevents spots and wrinkles. It also leads to brightening of the skin tone.

In addition, we can expect such as sagging in the eyes and cheeks, opening pores, sagging pores, preventing skin roughness due to inflammation. Why does the antioxidant capacity of fullerene last?

The general antioxidant ingredients, like shields themselves, become protected and protect the tissues such as skin. In other words, the antioxidant component itself will be oxidized by active oxygen. Therefore, oxidized antioxidant ingredients become ineffective of course.

Moreover, since it also suppresses the oxidation of other ingredients, it will also be a great success as a guardian of a cosmetic ingredient vulnerable to oxidation like vitamin C.

Fullerene's skin beauty theory is to eliminate and detoxify active oxygen generated on the skin with a powerful antioxidant power and lead it to the skin. There are various kinds of active oxygen and free radicals, but fullerene can correspond to most active oxygen (typical active oxygen: singlet oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, etc. Examples of free radicals: superoxide, hydroxyl radical , Lipid peroxide, etc.).

As common antioxidants, vitamins C and E and astaxanthin contained in foods and cosmetic ingredient coenzyme Q 10 are also famous,The antioxidant power of fullerene is over 250 times that of vitamin C, and it is considerably strongis.

In addition, antioxidant ingredients other than fullerenes are weak against ultraviolet rays, and because they oxidize and degrade instead of the skin, they have the disadvantage that antioxidant power is easily lost. However, fullerene is a kind of "vacuum cleaner" which absorbs active oxygen more rapidly without changing itself because of its unique structure.

Active oxygen removal effect, antioxidant performance evaluation by ? carotene fading method, etc.
This was confirmed by a method called beta carotene fading method which is one of methods used for evaluating antioxidant capacity. In the ?-carotene fading method, antioxidant ability is evaluated by adding antioxidant ingredients to a test zone where various active oxygen sources are given to ?-carotene exhibiting yellow colour in aqueous solution, and the fading rate can be suppressed thing.

Lifetime doubles with fullerene C60

It is said that the life of rats administered " fullerene C60 ", which has characteristics that energy loss is almost zero and that electrons can be exchanged, has doubled the life span .

The action of this fullerene has the action of the counter-electrode of the yin / yang and the dust feeling with " my intuition " It has a negative effect of charging the electricity and induces " arcing discharge " of the characteristic seen in Plato solid model peculiar to hexagonal molding Perhaps there is a boundary of " zero point " in the positive action, "It feels " that some minor influence will embody the negative effect . That source become life electrical energy to gene activity in cells activated by it is possible that the life of the rat extend Das this part

Spherical molecule consisting of 60 carbon atoms Buckminster fullerene C60 a rat orally administered When I performed to investigate whether the injury reaction comes out the experiment, a - you and the life of the rat growth nearly double, unexpected Researchers are surprised by the results!

It is told that buckyball may have a beneficial effect on the body from a long time ago, but it is safe to say that there was no utility of super long life like this ...!


Fullerene has high antioxidant power to prevent skin aging such as spots and wrinkles.
It is said that fullerene stays in the skin and has long time to act, and stimulation is also little.

Since cosmetics containing fullerene more than the standard value are marked with a logo, it is helpful for selecting cosmetics.

Cosmetics containing fullerenes are often formulated with cosmetic ingredients for other age skin, such as vitamin C derivatives, so it is recommended to check the whole ingredients and select them.


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