Things You Need to Know About C60 - The Best Life Extender

Carbon C60 is one of the common health sensations in our modern world and it has a wide variety of uses. Read more to learn about it.

C60 is one of the modern sensations in the health field and most of the carbon 60 reviews portray it as a product which can be used in different ways. A simple definition of C60 is that it is an arrangement of 60 carbon molecules arranged in a geometrical manner. The layers appear in the form of hexagonal or pentagonal structures.

It is a Special Form of Carbon

Carbon is one of the elements which exists in various allotropes. The common allotropes of carbon include graphite which is used in pencils and diamond. C60 as one of the types of carbon is found in charcoal.

C60 is used for various health benefits and one of the common ways through which it is utilised is in the making of supplements which are taken by people who have acute poisoning. The supplement will absorb the poison by simply drawing it into the pores of the charcoal.

Studies on C60

One of the common studies about the way in which C60 works were carried out in France. Rats were used in the study and it involved giving the rats olive oil which contained C60. In most cases, charcoal does not dissolve in water but it can easily dissolve in fats and this was the reason why they used olive oil.

The findings from the research showed that the life of the rats which were fed on olive oil containing charcoal was extended. The findings from the research astonished the researchers since the lifespan of the rats doubled and they were forced to kill the rats so that they would end the study.

There are also other experiments which have been carried out to show the healing power of C60.

How C60 Works as a Longevity Agent

One of the questions you might be asking yourself is the way in which C60 works to increase longevity. C60 works by reducing oxidative stress. In fact, carbon is one of the best anti-oxidants which means it has an anti-oxidative ability which is more than the one found in vitamin C.

How Does it Reduce Oxidative Stress

C60 works by accumulating in the inner layer of the mitochondria. It has a number of electrical properties which means it can easily absorb the protons which can change the electrical potential in the membrane structure of the mitochondria. This will decrease the incidences of formation of superoxides which will eventually lead to the reduction of oxidative stress within your body.

There are also some who say that indeed C60 is a unique molecule given that it can give or receive a number of electrons which are used to neutralise the free radicals with different electron pulses.

In fact, carbon 60 reviews indicate that C60 is a molecule which offers a number of health benefits. Most of the benefits associated with C60 are not found in most of the substances you come across. So you can buy substances like olive oil combined with C60.


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