Benefits of Carbon 60 Supplement

C60 is a new kid on the block and health enthusiasts around the world are already swearing by its effectiveness to provide a boost to their health.  

So what is C60?

C60, also known as Buckminsterfullerene or Buckyballs, is a powerful antioxidant made up of 60 carbon atoms. According to theories, this carbon molecule has practical application in development of rocket fuel, and most recently in health department as well.  

Having said that, here are some popular health benefits of Carbon C60:
Increases longevity

According to studies, carbon C60 had successfully prevented nerve cells from dying due to dehydration, the major cause of Alzheimer’s Disease. Another study indicated that the average lifespan of test mice was increased from 5 to 14%.
Powerful antioxidant properties

Free radicals are produced by our body’s inherent functions and are responsible for creating havoc inside our systems. This is why we must consume antioxidants so that we can flush out these toxins and prevent the cell damage caused by free radicals. C60 has powerful antioxidant properties that can offset these damages and also prevent age-related decline.  
Antimicrobial Properties

C60 supplements contain antimicrobial properties that can help fight skin infections, throat infections etc.  
Neuro-protective Properties

Carbon C60 can help the nerve cells from burning out due to overwork, thereby preventing its decline in the long run.  
Helps in Prevention of UV Rays Skin Damage

C60 can be easily incorporated into your daily-use moisturizing lotion. Certain components present in this carbon molecule can prevent sunburns as well as safeguard it against the damage caused by UV rays.  
Reduces Inflammation

Carbon60 is a powerful free radical killer that reduces inflammation, especially the kind seen in arthritis. Studies have revealed that water-soluble C60 can suppress inflammation in joints and bones.  
Strengthens Immunity

C60 not only prevents your cells from free radical damage but also works wonders in stimulating the immunity system in several other ways. It can help in increasing the production of immune cells, lymphocytes and cytokines, that are both responsible to fight off tumor cells as well as infections.   
Its potent antioxidant properties can prevent the outbreak of allergies or severe allergic reactions. Its antihistamine properties and other inflammatory compounds are greatly suppressed with C60 intervention.  
Removes Bacteria, even HIV

Believe it or not, C60 even has the ability to curtail the growth of HIV and prevent the onset of AIDS. Research also indicates that carbon molecule can also prevent you from contracting and spread of severe diseases such as hepatitis C.  
Prevents you from gaining excess weight

While it is too soon to consider Buckyballs as a weight loss supplement, there have been substantial studies that reveal that it can prevent you from gaining weight by averting the conversion of water-soluble cells into fat cells.  
There is a lot of study that need to be done in order to determine C60’s full potential but so far the results look promising.


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