Top 9 Carbon 60 Health Benefits + Risks

Introduction to Carbon 60

Heart lifting weights from Carbon 60Carbon 60 also known as C60 is still relatively new, but the studies on it showed results so profound that people think they are fraudulent. The process of peer-review is ongoing, although C60 Oil has dramatically increased the life spans of rats by 90%.

 Buckminsterfullerene, buckyballs, or C60 is 172 times more powerful than Vitamin C and is a super antioxidant that has effects on oxidative stress.

C60 removes superoxide, which is a toxic by-product of cellular metabolism that contributes to tissue injury in many human diseases.

A review of scientific research has shown that C60 has longevity and antioxidant effects because one of its properties is attacking bad free radicals.

Benefits of Carbon 60

Below are the reported benefits of taking Carbon 60:

  •  Improves Longevity

  •  Protects Against Free Radicals

  •  Prevents Inflammation

  •  Kills Viruses

  •  Protects Nerves

  •  Prevents Osteoarthritis

  •  Improves Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

  •  Kills Bacteria

  •  Prevents UV Damage

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          C60 Risks

          When scientists gave rats much more than we would ever recommend, there were no changes in body fat, protein, sugar, and many other normal molecules.

          There are also stories going around about C60 oil causing DNA damage, but the only study we found on this mentions that corn oil itself was worse than the C60 inside it. 


          If you would like to read the full article with proof and scientific findings click the link below:


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