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You’re on this page right now because you care deeply about you and your family. You want to be as healthy and happy as you can and, you don’t want to live with any guilt that you haven’t done everything you can to make that so. That’s why you’re about to discover something few people in Australia know about.

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  • C60 a simple, natural product that helps promote healthier skin.
  • Boosts heart health, brain and eye function.
  • Improves joint mobility and other inflammatory conditions.
  • And most importantly gives you the energy and vitality that will help you live a longer, healthier and happier life.

What is Carbon 60?

Carbon 60 is a molecule of 60 carbon atoms, shaped like a football. C60 is a stable molecule formed by a combination of carbon atoms. It has 60 vertices and 32 faces, of which 12 are regular pentagons and 20, are regular hexagons. Its relative molecular mass is about 720.

Carbon 60 is the world’s most efficient known bad free radical scavenger. Carbon 60 fullerenes possess large amount of conjugated double bonds and low lying lowest unoccupied molecular orbital which can easily take up an electron from an attack of a free oxygen radical. Resulting in disabling them from causing any further damage.

The fullerene can react with many superoxides without being consumed. Carbon 60 fullerene derivatives are rapidly absorbed by tissues and excreted through urinary tract; low to no toxicity in vitro and in vivo in studies.

Carbon 60 fullerenes are so small that they are able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body. Free radicals are oxygen-containing molecules with an uneven number of electrons. The uneven number allows them to easily react with other molecules.

Oxidative stress is linked with shortening of your telomeres, tail of your chromosomes, which is related with the ageing process on cellular level.

In humans, oxidative stress is also related to the development of most diseases like Arthritis, Auto-Immune, Asperger syndrome, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis, heart failure, myocardial infarction, Sickle Cell Disease, vitiligo, autism, infection, and chronic fatigue syndrome.


Have you checked out the C-60 ‚ÄėFamous Rat Study‚Äô?

If you haven't yet go check out the 'Famous Rat Study' on our blog page but a quick overview is that there were 3 groups of rats one group was fed water, another olive oil and the third group Carbon 60 in olive oil and to their surprise, instead of causing illness, disease or early death, the rats fed Carbon 60 olive oil actually lived 90% longer.

After three years, all of the water-treated rats were dead, matching up with the typical life-expectancy of a rat of around 2.5 to 3 years. The olive-oil-only rats lived, on average, 18% longer than the control (water-only) rats, while the Carbon 60 olive oil treated rats lived 90% longer on average.

Imagine what it could do for humans. Could it be possible for humans to live up to 150-200 years old? Who knows, only time will tell.


What if you could play harder, faster, stronger and recover quicker than ever before...

One of the biggest challenges for athletes is the recovery time after an intensive workout.

 What diminishes an athlete’s performance?


Oxidative stress is an athlete’s number one enemy. During exercise, oxygen consumption can increase by a factor of more than 10. This leads to a large increase in the production of oxidants and results in damage that contributes to muscular fatigue during and after exercise. The inflammatory response that occurs after strenuous exercise is also associated with oxidative stress, especially in the 24 hours after an exercise session. The immune system response to the damage done by exercise peaks 2 to 7 days after the session.

If you increase the body’s ability to overcome oxidative stress with a MUCH higher concentration of antioxidants, almost all forms of muscle fatigue and soreness due to oxidative stress are minimised.

Want to know more? Check out our blog posts here:

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Introducing C60 Down Under, Which Is 100% Australian Owned.

Carbon 60 Australia is specifically formulated to bring out the best in you. It's made from exclusively Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil sourced from the most exclusive farms in the highest of hills in Victoria and the highest MCT grade oil on the market. 

Our C60 is research grade with purity of over 99.95% which is vacuum oven dried to be completely solvent-free.

We centrifuge and sterile through a 0.22 micron filter before bottling. The entire process is controlled for temperature and light exposure to preserve the freshness and integrity of the product.

Over 95% Of The World’s Population Has Health Problems

You may not know that over 95% of the world’s population has health problems. The research shows that, worldwide, the proportion of lost years of healthy life due to illness increased from around a fifth (21%) in 1990 to almost a third (31%) in 2013.
The findings come from the largest and most detailed analysis to quantify levels, patterns, and trends in ill health and disability around the world between 1990 and 2013.
In those past 23 years, the leading causes of health loss have hardly changed. Low back pain, depression, iron-deficiency anemia, neck pain, and age-related resulted in the largest overall health loss worldwide i.e. time spent in less than optimum health.

CARBON 60 AUSTRALIA helps your body in five key ways.

  1. Protects Nerves.
  2. Promotes Healthier Skin & Reduces Wrinkles.
  3. Boosts Brain Function.
  4. Prevents Inflammation.
  5. Kills Viruses & Bacteria.

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Why CARBON 60 AUSTRALIA Gives You A Superior Boost

Some people already take antioxidant/supplements like green tea, red wine, fish oil tablets or plant substitutes. However, now it’s easier than ever to get huge benefits of antioxidants.

CARBON 60 AUSTRALIA sources the best MCT Oil and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the most exclusive farms in Victoria and combines it with C60.

Benefits of this natural product include…


No Other Health Supplement Gives You This Level Of Health And Wellness Support

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How Does CARBON 60 AUSTRALIA Transform You And Your Family's Health?
Most diseases are caused by oxidative stress and Carbon 60 is 172 times more stronger than Vitamin C.
When Carbon 60 is rubbed on the skin people have reported having softer skin, reduced wrinkles and faded age spots, helping them achieve a more youthful appearance.
People find when using Carbon 60 that they have better mental clarity and are more focused on their tasks at hand.

The Benefits Will Make You Wish That You Found It Sooner

CARBON 60 AUSTRALIA is not available at this price anywhere else in Australia. We’ve formulated it especially for people who truly care about themselves and their family and we’ve only produced a small batch, so that we can determine how much demand there is before we launch into large-scale production.

If you’re reading this now, it means we still have stock to ship and if you’re seeing a timer, it means you can get CARBON 60 AUSTRALIA at our special introductory price.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I'm 71 years old, diabetic and have arthritis in my knees. I have been taking Carbon 60 for 4 months now and my diabetes and arthritis are significantly improving. I have more movement in my knees and my diabetes is getting better as well. I couldn't thank you guys enough for giving an old man hope. THANK YOU!!

    Greg S, QLD
  • After taking Carbon 60 for 2 months my cataracts in my left eye has gone down and my vision is getting better slowly but surely. I would highly recommend this product to anyone suffering with cataracts.

    Stefania H, NSW
  • I am a builder from Gippsland and usually I always wake up tired and get exhausted half way through the day but since taking carbon 60 I started feeling better within the first week and now my misses thinks I have too much energy haha. Couldn't thank you guys enough

    Macca P, VIC
  • I am a body builder and started taking Carbon 60, for its antioxidants properties, for 3 months now and I feel like my recovery time has shortened massively and I have hit my PB's twice in the last month. BRING ON IFBB!!‚Ä®

    Steve L, VIC

Our Promise

A Healthier You In 30 Days Or CARBON 60 AUSTRALIA Is FREE

We’ve developed CARBON 60 to give you a superior way to care for you and your family.

We’re 100% convinced that you’ll notice a happier, healthier you in just 30 days of using C60. That’s why you can try CARBON 60 AUSTRALIA today completely risk free.

Order it today, and if you’re not fully happy with the results within 30 days, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

How Much Do You Need To Get The Full C60 Benefits?

Use this table to make sure you order the perfect amount of C60 to help feel the full benefits!

Weight Daily Amount
45 - 55 kg 2.5ml or 1/2 teaspoon
55 - 80 kg 5ml or 1 teaspoon
Over 80kg 1.5 teaspoons
‚ÄúDiseases‚ÄĚ 2 teaspoons

We recommend taking half a teaspoon for the first 3 days then slowly scale up to your desired amount.

Not Ready To Experience A Product That Will Change You And Your Family's Life?

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